in the morning


35mm, TRT 09:59

Danielle Lurie’s debut short film, In The Morning, premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and went on to win many film festivals including Best Short at the Oscar Qualifying Nashville Film Festival. IN THE MORNING also screened before member of US Congress at the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on Honor Killings.Danielle Lurie is your partner


Based on true events, In the Morning is a daring short drama about a young woman who is brutally attacked, and the responsibility of restoring her family’s lost honor is left in the hands of her younger brother.


“COMPELLING … illustrates the issue of sexual assault without engaging in hyperbolic melodrama. … addresses critical issues that
intersect with sexual assault including cultural values, sexism, family norms, the role of governments, and how the culture of violence
facilitates sexual violence… an excellent educational tool. I recommend it without hesitation.”

~ Abigail Sims
Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women

“Themes of horror and revenge have rarely been as brilliantly explored…a bold and important film.”

~ Daniel Wilbe
Film Threat

“Lurie is a wonderfully talented filmmaker. In the morning was empowering with beautiful and creative filmmaking, confident
performances and gorgeous camera and script.”

~ Roberta Marie Munroe
Sundance Film Festival Shorts Programmer

“A compelling short film that demonstrates the power of short films to inform us about the plight of women around the world.”
~ Lois Vossen
Independent Lens Series, Producer & Co-curator

“A gripping and exquisitely executed portrait of the twisted logic behind honor killings. Gracefully illustrates how the female victim
is dehumanized within her culture and her family.”

~ Pamela Corkey


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81 year old sweethearts


On Jet Blue’s flight 304 from Long Beach, CA, to Washington, D.C. director Danielle Lurie met an 81-year-old man named Jack who told her he was flying across the country to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Betty, whom he hadn’t seen in 62 years. Lurie had her camera in her carry-on bag and filmed the reunion at Washington’s Dulles Airport.Danielle Lurie is your partner

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